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The New Zealand Tourism Industry

The New Zealand tourism sector is one of the largest export industries, second only to the dairy industry in terms of overseas earnings. Consequently, the industry employs 5.7 per cent of the New Zealand workforce and indirectly employs a further 3.1 per cent. In total, around one in 11 working Kiwis is employed in the tourism industry, increasing the potential to improve the economies of local communities around the country.

Organisations involved in tourism in New Zealand, include Government departments, regional and Māori tourism organisations. Marketing networks formed by private operators and industry associations representing operators from across the different sectors of the tourism industry. New Zealand’s unique Māori culture is one of the main reasons our visitors come here. The number, variety and quality of Māori tourism businesses have increased dramatically over the last few years. The sector now makes an important contribution to New Zealand’s regional economies.

New Zealand TourismNew Zealand’s Māori culture is second only to our landscapes as the main reason visitors come here. If tourism experiences are able to incorporate both of these aspects it makes for a winning combination.

A sector awakening

Māori tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors of New Zealand tourism and the few businesses that are involved have shown great potential

There has been an evolution in the Māori experiences that are available to the international visitor. As a result the range of these businesses and what they offer grows. Consequently the international visitor is able to experience a broader range of both traditional Māori life, helping boost demand for Māori-related products.

Most of all the traditional aspects such as kapa haka remain important parts of Māori life and tourism. Nowadays there is also a much wider range of tourism products that incorporate a Māori element. Other experiences such as hiking, white water rafting, art and cultural tours are proving to be popular among international visitors.

As the number of available products increases and awareness grows, international visitors are starting to ask for Māori tourism products; and the wider industry is coming to grips with the language and customs of Māori culture.

Interpretation and storytelling combining the best of New Zealand’s spectacular landscape with Māori stories and legends – and visitors love it.

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